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North Campus Grades 5 - 9

The Arts

Along with our Classical Education emphasis, LPA is intentionally focused on the arts. In an age where school and districts increasingly cut the arts and see it as expendable, we were founded to integrate the arts as a core part of the educational experience and student development.
Students who engage in the arts develop confidence, learn to overcome challenges, and are given skill sets that can become life-long assets, both in their personal and career paths.
Here are some examples of our commitments to the arts:
  • Our black box theater for musicals, plays, and performances. Students in these classes have access to actual stage time on a daily basis, include technology, lighting, and sound.
  • Our dance facility used by modern dance, social dance, and the ballroom team
  • Our regular debate and speech competitions, such as LPA LED talks
  • Dedicated art classes three times per week for 5th and 6th graders
  • Guitar, orchestra, and band