Mr. Maloy (History, Debate)


I began teaching the first year LPA opened in 2006.  In previous careers, I served as an officer in the Air Force followed by nearly 20 years with various high tech companies managing business development and online marketing campaigns.  I have a BA degree in History from Weber State University and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Utah State University. I am a certified Level 2 teacher by the Utah State Board of Education.


My motto is, “Building the Future by Making the Past Come Alive Today.”  I LOVE teaching junior high students about Utah History and American History, as well as coaching Speech & Debate!  I have an energetic style of involving the students in fun and thought-provoking ways.  Parents are absolutely allowed to visit anytime they wish to see how their students learn in my classroom (although you may want to check first to make sure you don't come on a testing day).



We are living in incredibly challenging times! Corporations and countries are desperately seeking solutions to a pandemic, AND in the meantime, our country is daily becoming increasingly polarized both politically and socially. History contains keys to the solutions, clearly showing us what NOT to do, and what we CAN do for those who are willing to learn and understand the past -- OUR PAST. History is INDISPENSABLE for those who want to understand the present and better plan for the future. Yet, right now, there are factions who want to erase elements of our history without understanding the value of the lessons contained therein.
The process of learning simultaneously requires us to have confidence (that we CAN learn something new) and humility (acknowledging that we NEED to learn something new). Indeed, true leadership contains these critical attributes! 
Unfortunately, the challenge is that all too often History is taught in a boring way, like memorizing a bunch of names, dates, and places to pass a test. That's BOGUS history! VALUABLE history is learning about REAL people who made decisions with REAL consequences. Why? How? What happened? Who was affected? In truth, from EVERY action of the past there is a thread that connects to us now. We NEED to explore and understand our history. That's why I left the world of high-tech to come to LPA. History IS exciting and it is what motivates me to be here for my students creating a wonderfully thought-provoking and insightful study of times past and how they connect to us now.  And isn't that really what History should do for us?  I think so!  So let's get our historian hats on and start exploring!





RANDOM (but interesting) HISTORY MOMENTS: 



Extra Credit: IF a student is interested in Extra Credit work, they MUST talk to me first to receive approval and instructions.  Extra Credit is NOT awarded automatically for randomly completed extra work.  All Extra Credit work must be relevant to the unit we are studying.  


2021 DC Field Trip: We will be carefully considering our options and opportunities to repeat our hugely successful CloseUp Washington DC field trip in June of 2021, in particular, watching for the end of the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.  As such, we will let you know IF we begin to plan another Washington DC trip in the coming months.