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North Campus Grades 5 - 9

B. JoAnn Hatch » Academic Dean

Academic Dean

JoAnn Hatch earned her Bachelor’s degree in English for Secondary Education with a minor in ESL from Eastern Washington University.  She taught English and ESL in Washington State for eight years before staying home with her children. She joined LPA when she returned to teaching.  


Legacy Prep is an amazing school, and Mrs. Hatch is so grateful that she has had the chance to work here! Her own children have been attending LPA for the past nine years, where they have thoroughly enjoyed the teachers, the students, the administration and the whole LPA community.


Last year Mrs. Hatch joined the administration team as the Academic Dean. She has had the privilege to see the Teachers, staff, Paraprofessionals and Instructors do everything in their power to help the students and it’s a beautiful thing to observe! 

Recent Posts

April 23-May17th

23rd Socratic Seminar over the Aeneid
25th Go over poem to memorize, due May 17th.
29th Go over Rome project, due May 9th.
3rd, 7th Prepare for and attend a field trip at the UMFA. Details to come.
9th Present Rome Projects
13th Discuss the Pantheon.
15th Discuss Music from this time period.
17th Present poems.

Feb 14th-March 15

We are studying Greek Theater. We are also reading Antigone.  Students should continue to practice their poems. :)

Feb 4-14





Feb 4

Read and discuss The Melian Dialogues.

Work on Column Project.

Work on Column project, due on Feb 12th.


Feb 6

Read and discuss The Melian Dialogues.

Work on Column project, due on Feb 12th.

Finish questions on the Melian Dialogues.


Feb 8th

Harkness Table Discussion over The Melian Dialogues.

Finish Column project, due Feb 12th.

FIll out Self Reflection form, due Feb 12th.


Feb 12

Classical music discussion.

Greek Art



Feb 14

Greek Art



January 21st-31st






January 21

No School


January 23

1.Go over how to participate in a Harkness Table Discussion.

2. Read “Ozymandias.”

3. Harkness Table discussion on “Ozymandias.”

Fill out the Self Reflection Form.


January 25

1.Go over Self Reflection forms.

2. Discuss the Harkness Table Discussion.

3. Greek Sculptures

Read assigned passage for Harkness Discussion on the 31st.


January 29

1.Greek Sculptures/columns

2. Art Activity

Read assigned passage for Harkness Discussion on the 31st.


January 31

1.Harkness Table Discussion over assigned reading.



Humane Letters January 10th - 18th




Extra Info on Homework

January 10th


2.Get to know you games

3. Course Description

4. Start Video

1. Sign parent disclosure (Due 1/16)

2. Watch Video and take 10 notes. (Due 1/14)


Overview of Greek History,

17:38 minutes:

January 14th

1.Go over HOW to "appreciate" art. Practice with "The Last Judgement."

1. Sign parent disclosure. (Due 1/16)

2. Color map of Ancient Greece.


January 16th

1.Go over history and geography of Ancient Greece.


1.Watch Video about art. (Due 1/18)


January 18th

1.Discussion of art video.