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North Campus Grades 5 - 9

Kim Ferg » 6th-9th Grade Latin

6th-9th Grade Latin

Kim Ferg teaches Latin to grades six through nine at Legacy Preparatory Academy. She has been studying the ancient world since childhood and Latin since middle school. She majored in Classics as an undergraduate at Hofstra University and continued on to her graduate studies at Tulane University. While focusing on Classics, she studied the Greco-Roman world and their associated languages, literature, mythologies, art forms, and history.


At Legacy Ms. Ferg teaches her students to look at language and culture from different perspectives. She is a firm believer that, by studying Latin, students are able to discipline their minds and tackle difficult problems with greater confidence. She has been teaching Legacy’s amazing students for four years. She has been the happiest at this school seeing students realize their hidden potential.


When she is not teaching, Ms. Ferg likes to spend her time and hiking and playing games with her husband, son, and dog. When the house is calm, she prefers to read, listen to music, and clean the house. In the summertime, she tries to sleep in, camp, and go on long road trips. She hopes to continue teaching Latin at Legacy for a long while. She also strives to continue learning languages and mythologies. 



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