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North Campus Grades 5 - 9

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Athletics FAQ

 Coach Drechsler has been at Legacy Prep for the past four years teaching Health and PE, and is the Athletic Director. He earned a B.A. in Health Education with a minor in PE and Coaching. He is currently working on his M.Ed in Educational Leadership and will graduate in June.


He has coached junior varsity and varsity Basketball for 3 years, Soccer for 3 years, and Lacrosse for 2 years. In those years, LPA has won state once, placed second twice, and placed third three times in the UCSSAL!


Coach Drechsler’s favorite hobbies are hiking, camping, and triathlons. His teaching job and hobbies have helped him focus on living healthy. He hopes everyone can live the 100-year lifestyle!



Recent Posts

2018-19 Girls Basketball Team!

Congrats to everyone on this list for making the team! Coach needs you training over the break focusing on dribbling, shooting lay-ups and shooting jump shots. Please do 30 burpees a day over the break and run 1-3 miles a few times. 
1. Seila Johnson
2. Aaliya Lopez
3. Alaura King
4. Ava Nalder
5. Alyssa Lopez
6. Lethe Pututau
7. Sarah Dixon
8. Brooklyn Wright
9. Bailee Cardenas
10. Eleannor McChesney
11. Ellie Stock
12. Salome Pututau
13. Vaufua Hunt
14. Nessi Pututau
15. Carlyn Naegle

2018 LPA Boys Basketball Team

Congrats to everyone who made the 2018 LPA boys basketball team! 1st practice is Thursday 3:30-5:30.


  1. Avram Prestwitch
  2. Cole Mcswain
  3. Micah Mortensen
  4. Zach Smith
  5. Weston Ence
  6. Tenoch Elggren
  7. David Hirst
  8. Collin Moore


1. Max Staples
2. Ammon Croft
3. Preston Thayne
4. Niel Taylor
5. Noah Elizares
6. Alex Bernal
7. Sebastian Schofield
8. Rob Draper
9. Alex Glassco

1st Cuts Boys Basketball

Everyone on this list needs to come to 2nd round of cuts for boys basketball Tuesday 3:30-5:00.
  1. Preston Thayne
  2. Micah Mortensen
  3. Carson Gilchrist
  4. Neil Taylor
  5. Zach Smith
  6. Weston Ence
  7. Damien Hoch
  8. Tenoch Elggren
  9. Cade Farrer
  10. Gage Kortman
  11. Noah Elizares
  12. David Hirst
  13. Mathew Sweet
  14. Collin Moore
  15. Alex Bernal
  16. Rob Draper
  17. Avram Prestwitch
  18. Sebastian Schofield
  19. Josh Thor
  20. Broc Mcswain
  21. Ammon Croft
  22. Max Staples
  23. Cole Mcswain
  24. Alex Glassco

2018 Boys Soccer Team

Congrats to everyone on this list for making the 2018 Boys Soccer Team! The schedule will be Thursday 3:30-5, Monday 3:30-5:00, Tuesday 3:30-5, and game on Wednesday at 4:00.
  1. Nick S
  2. Damien H
  3. Billy R
  4. Rhett B
  5. Aiden A
  6. Ryder P
  7. Jorge P
  8. Niel T
  9. Santiago L
  10. Lamoni G
  11. Fred M
  12. Corbin J
  13. Holland M
  14. Hayden M
  15. Parker P - Team Manager


2018 Girls Volleyball Team!!

Here are the 14 girls who made this years volleyball team. 

9th Graders

Valerie Ramirez 
Sasha Hite
Salome Pututau
Savannah Bishop
Isabella Tingey
Courtney Jones
Becca Draper

6th-8th Graders

Akanesi Pututau
Jasmine Icasiano
Marissa Horlachev 
Seila Johnson
Danniqa Taylor
Evelyn Gehring
Emma Dunkley

1st Cuts Boys Soccer

Congrats to everyone who made 1st cuts. Everyone on this list is invited to come to 2nd round Tuesday 3:30-5:00.
1. Santiago L
2. Hayden M
3. Holland M
4. Daniel C
5. Fred M
6. Corbin J
7. Enrique H
8. Niel T
9. Bentley H
10. Lamoni G
11. Ryder P
12. Aiden A
13. Billy R
14. Damien H
15. Jeorge P
16. Nick S
17. Rhett B

FINAL Soccer Team!


Everyone on this list are on the 2018 LPA soccer team! The first practice is on Thursday and we will take action pictures and a team photo. Bring outdoor gear! Soccer in the snow, what could be more fun??


  1. Kate Wagenaar
  2. Marissa Horlacher
  3. Aminah Ramic
  4. Megan DeVries
  5. Sarah Woolston
  6. Jessica Nelson


  1. Jack Arce-Larreta
  2. James Patten
  3. Gabe Juarez
  4. Luke Benedict
  5. Ozzy Castaneda
  6. Aiden Andrade
  7. Aiden Moore
  8. Ryder Powell
  9. Nate Barnes
  10. Billy Reiber
  11. Christian Bates

Girls Basketball!!

Congrats to the 2017 Girls Legacy Prep Basketball Team!! 

All 9th graders will only play in the 9th grade season which starts in January.

7 other players will be invited to play from the 8th grade season. 

Whipple, Hannah

Tingey, Isabella

Satuala, Emrie

Ruys, Brooke

Ricks, Kaitlyn

Pututau, Malina

Nalder, Ava

Horlacher, Marissa

Hite, Sasha

Davis, Alexis M

Bernal, Mayali

Final Team

Congrats to the 2017 LPA Girls Volleyball Team!
8th graders:
Emrie Satuala
Malina Pututau
Maleah Taylor
Sasha Hite
Sarah Woolston
Lexi Davis

7th graders:
Emma Dunkley
Evelyn Gehring
Danniqa Taylor

6th graders:
Elle Burleson