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Last updated:  September 17, 2020

Mark Abercrombie has a Bachelor’s of Science from Weber State University.  He has taught for the last 10 years and has primarily taught Math, but recently transitioned to teaching Science. Mark loves Math, but feels that Science gives Math a setting to truly be useful.  


Mr. Abercrombie majored in physics and loves to learn how things work.  He loves to see students figuring out why nature behaves the way it does. He loves to play chess, board games, ultimate frisbee, and video games.  He also collects U.S. pennies and writes code in his spare time.  Mostly, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching his 2 beautiful daughters learn and grow.


Mr. Abercrombie is impressed at how LPA’s philosophy centers on building the whole student and therefore the community, and not just academics.  Everything at LPA is viewed from a positive perspective. He feels it is refreshing to not only work in that kind of environment but to be encouraged to help the students live that way too.  


He is eager to help students at LPA not only learn Science, but also to play chess.  This year he will be advising a chess club and helping its players learn the rules of chess, good sportsmanship, to improve their play, and eventually play in tournaments.

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