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Stephanie Thompson graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) from Western Governors University where she also received her Master's degree in Special Education (K-12). Mrs. Thompson has 3 children ages 13, 19 and 23. After her youngest daughter was born, she decided to continue her education and move from Early Childhood to Elementary Education.

Mrs. Thompson found her love of teaching as a Teacher’s Assistant her senior year of High School. She worked as a Preschool Teacher for 11 years when her own children were young. Her family was stationed in Germany for 6 years where she worked as a Preschool – 8th grade Substitute Teacher and a Paraprofessional with students with special needs, grades K-3. She has taught third grade for two years, Special Education for one year, and now has begun her new adventure at LPA as a first time 5th grade teacher.  

Mrs. Thompson’s philosophy is that every student wants to learn, but it is the teacher’s job to find out how and what the students want to learn from the material that they need to know. Her favorite moments in teaching are the "Ah Ha" moments, the ones in which the light bulb goes off!  This is the wonderful moment when a student finally understand something and believes in themselves. Mrs. Thompson believes that education is the most important aspect of a person’s life and that learning is ageless. Contrary to popular belief people learn when they are active, when they are involved, explaining, solving, talking, trying, working, and struggling. People learn when they are figuring things out for themselves!  Mrs. Thompson loves crafts, Science, Geocaching, and teaching children how to figure things out.


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