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Car Line Procedures

The lane around the front and also around the back of the North Campus are designated as fire lanes.  This means that it is illegal for cars to be standing in these areas.  The term standing refers to pausing longer than it would take to reasonably drop off or pick up persons.  These fire lanes can be used for pick up and drop off only, similar to the airport or the South Davis Rec. Center.  Cars can pull through, drop off or pick up, and then continue through the lane.

To ensure the availability of this fire lane as much as possible, the pull through lanes will be closed 10 minutes prior to school dismissing to ensure they are open and only used for non-standing pick up of students.  Once the bell rings, the pull through lanes will be opened and parents will be allowed to pull forward to pick up students and then continue through the lane.  This procedure allows us to be in compliance with city codes regarding the use of fire lanes.  

Carpools using the lanes around the back of the school, should turn on 2285 South and loop around to enter the parking lot from the North.  This will allow you to enter LPA’s lot with a right turn which will alleviate some of the congestion on 1250 West as there will be a few more cars waiting on the street. (See attached map for visual)

Please remember, if you ever see an emergency vehicle coming, it is your responsibility to reasonably move out of the way.  This might mean pulling to the side of the street or exiting the fire lane, without picking up your child, to ensure the lane is open for emergency vehicles to enter.