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North Campus Arrival Procedures

All 5/6th grade students should enter the school through the east doors from car pool area.  Jr. High students should enter the building through the North doors.  

Students will be allowed to enter the building at 7:30 a.m.  They should immediately proceed to their locker. Students should not be left on the premises before 7:30 am as there will be no supervision

7:45 – Teachers will welcome students into class.

Bell at 7:50 announces the 5 minute warning. Students should be engaged in warm-up activity while teacher greets students.

Teachers should assist students in hall to get to class quickly.

Bell at 7:55 announces the start of school.  

Teachers should close, but not lock, classroom doors, begin class, and take attendance.

Students arriving after 7:55, must check in at the front desk accompanied by a parent.

​North Campus Dismissal Procedure

​Students will be allowed to exit the East and North doors of the building at the dismissal bell.  Students will not be allowed to exit the South doors of the building as there are no sidewalks.  

Students, parents, and staff, who need to cross to the parking lot will be asked to use the crosswalk.  Staff will be provided to stop traffic through the heaviest time of carpool.  Staff will also be provided to assist students in crossing the road on the West side of the school to exit to the neighborhood.

At 30 minutes after the dismissal bell, students will be encouraged to exit the building as there is no longer sufficient supervision.  In case of inclement weather, students will allowed to wait in the East lobby for parent pick-up.