Dear Parents,

This is a reminder about the Halloween festivities on October 29th.
There will be a costume parade for 5th and 6th grade.
Junior High Students will "not" take part in the parade, however, they may wear costumes on this day!


  • 5th Grade, 6th Grade & Junior High students may wear costumes. Please make sure costumes are school appropriate.  Students must be able to sit at their desks, use the restroom unassisted, and complete their work while wearing the costume.  No full-face masks or weapons are allowed.  Remember, 5th and 6th grade students will be standing outside for about 30 minutes for our drive-by parade and school pick-up so make sure the costume is weather appropriate.
  • Again, junior high will not be in the parade.


  • We will be altering our carline route for our parade.  When arriving at the school for the parade please enter the carline as normal (the driveway north of the school) and remain to the North Side (as if you were going around the back of the school) and proceed around toward the soccer field.  You will continue all the way around the school (driving the wrong direction across the front of the school) and exit out the same way you entered (map below).
  • Please be mindful of the extra traffic and possible cross-traffic surrounding the school.  For your reference, you can look at the map.

We are aware many parents will be participating in the South campus parade.  Please don’t worry, we understand you may be a little late coming back for your older students. 


  • Class parties will be held from 10:25-10:55 for the AM students and 2:45-3:15 for the PM students.  Each class is limited to one volunteer. 
  • Beginning at 9:55 (AM) and 2:15 (PM) students will be escorted outside to line up for our drive-by parade.  Once all students are lined up outside we will direct cars to begin entering the parking lot, we estimate this to be approximately 10:05 (AM) and 2:25 (PM).  During this drive-through, no students will be allowed to be picked up.  Parents will take a right-hand turn to exit the parking lot.  Students will be going back into the building to participate in their Halloween parties. 

We are excited about our Halloween activities and thank you for your support as we try to fit some fun, “normal” activities into this crazy time. 

Priscilla Stringfellow

North Campus Principal